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Guatemalan Worry Dolls

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As the night deepens, the wind rustles through the tree just outside the open window. The room, illuminated solely by a dim nightlight, provides plenty of visibility to complete the task at hand. Carefully, they make their way down from the bed to the floor, sliding down a blanket hanging precariously off the side. They slowly climb a nearby shelf, the spoils of their labors nearly at hand. From the shelf they hop to the window, slip past the open glass, and disappear into the night, carrying the troubles of their friend with them.

Originating in Guatemala, legend has it that worry dolls have the ability to take away the worries of sleeping children. Just before laying down to sleep, children will tell each doll a different worry before placing the dolls under their pillow to sleep. By the time morning comes, the dolls have taken the worries away. 

Whether you're an adult or a child, worry dolls offer a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. Speaking about our problems can help us heal and reduce stress and worry dolls allow for a unique and fun way to do so.


  • Set of 10 miniature wood and cloth dolls in a hand-woven cotton bag
  • Dolls measure 1H x .25W inches
  • Bag measures 8H x 6.5W inches
  • Small parts; not suitable for young children
  • Handmade in Guatemala