• Talking and Listening – How Venting Can Help You Reduce and Manage Stress

    Have you ever noticed that certain actions tend to make you feel better? No- I’m not talking about that tack that was ‘misplaced’ and left on your annoying co-worker’s chair. What I’m talking about are other forms of expression such as venting.
  • The Importance of Managing Stress

    While you may learn to live with this stress, it can start to affect your overall mood and behavior if you don’t manage it properly. You may notice that it’s harder to focus or that you’re more irritable than usual. You may have a nagging feeling of overwhelmed, sadness, or restlessness that you can’t shake. These can all be normal feelings to experience from time to time, but it’s important to realize that they may stem from long-term stressors when these negative feelings start to become persistent.